Kaliningrad Military Digest – Introduction

Kaliningrad Military Digest – Introduction

The Kaliningrad Oblast (KO) remains a crucial point in the Russian Federation’s sphere of influence, ensuring its political and military presence in the Baltic Sea region.

Although Moscow deployed some forces from the KO to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia still maintains a sizable presence in the oblast. Its primary purpose is to disrupt the freedom of manoeuvre and deployment for opposing forces in the initial phase of a potential conflict. The oblast features a wide array of capabilities, including short- and long-range missiles, air and coastal defence and electronic warfare, supported by mechanised forces and frontline aviation.

We assess that the Russian forces in the KO, and their supporting infrastructure, will continue to develop as the East-West divide widens.

The Kaliningrad Military Digest (KMD) offers information about the status of Russian forces in the region. It provides in-depth analyses of the posture of Russian forces in the Kaliningrad Oblast, with an emphasis on exercises, current combat readiness, command and control and order of battle changes, and threats these forces may pose to the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

The KMD provides weekly coverage of crucial military developments conducted by the Russian Baltic Fleet’s ground, air and navy components. As a subscriber, you will gain access to the most detailed information about the activities of Russian forces in the Kaliningrad Oblast that are publicly available.

When possible, the KMD will also feature information about Russian forces from the oblast deployed to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Our reports are built using open-source techniques supported by our experienced analysts, who worked professionally on these subjects in their previous roles.

We hope that you will join us in this project.

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