Our Products

Order of battle

Update to date order of battle information of all Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian forces.

Military-industrial complex

Deep knowledge on domestic military-industrial complex, its role in armed forces development and defence of the state.

Strategic warning

Continuous all-source assessments of the ability of the state to go to war and provision of indicators to predict when and how hostilities can begin.

Military systems

Analysis of existing and future military platforms, their capabilities, and impact on CONOPS.

Defence planning

Thorough assessments on state procurement programmes, orders to provide required forces and capabilities to meet current and future threats.

Capability assessments

An overall assessment of a country’s ability to go to war and sustain the war effort. This includes an analysis of procurement programmes, training exercises, satellite imagery, logistics, demographics, state budgets and economy.

We have experience in working with and delivering complex political and military intelligence assessments.