Report II – Ukraine’s counteroffensive (June-August 2023) – An initial assessment

This report offers our assessment of the battles in Southern Ukraine between early June and late August 2023.

The paper is divided into the following sections:

  • General hydrographic conditions in Areas of Operations (AOO)
  • General terrain elevation conditions
  • AOO – forestation
  • Railways as the main logistic supply lines in AOO
  • Road Networks as Main Logistics Supply Lines at the Army Level and below
  • The phases of the offensive operation
  • Area of Operation
  • The Course of Action (COA)
  • Accumulated Combat Potential of Russian and Ukrainian Forces
  • New forces
  • General Outlook
  • Conclusions

The paper has 146 pages, of which 60 are maps. Altogether, the assessment features more than 120 maps, which provide information about activities in Southern Ukraine, but also across the entire theatre.

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