Zapad-2021 Strategic-Operational exercise – part 11 (Zapad in IMINT)

The third iteration of our ‘Zapad in IMINT’ series looks at three sites:

  • The Baranovichi Air Base in Belarus hosts a small contingent of Russian army aviation, which came there in late August. This includes at least several Mi-8s, one Mi-26s, and four Ka-52s.
  • Elements of the 41st CAA are still present at Pogonovo. They include three BTGs , an air defence battalion, and two artillery and one missile battalions. Pogonovo is officially taking part in Zapad, so it remains to be seen if these units will soon be activated.
  • Lastly, Russia some Russian units are also camping at Opuk, Crimea. The range is not included in Zapad, officially, but we are monitoring this site as well.

The analysis can be found here.

Big thanks to Colonel (rtd) Ireneusz Kulesza, who helped to analyse the Opuk site.

Konrad Muzyka