Zapad-2021 Strategic-Operational exercise – part 13 (THE Map)

Guest post by Obronny.

Yesterday the Belarusian news portal, Smartpress, released a news report with images of what appears to be a map with the Zapad scenario to be practiced in Belarus.

Pomorie is indeed Northern Poland, whereas the Polar Republic is further south, but also in Poland. Njaris is co-located in Lithuania and Latvia. Polesie is Belarus and the Central Federation is the Russian Federation. The scenario assumes that Polesie is attacked By Njaris, Polar Republic. Pomorie will likely have something to do with the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The reader should notice three airdrops: Grodno, Brest and Bialystok. We will see how this corresponds with real-life events.

Below is how we interpret one of the maps.

Zapad: defensive phase in Belarus