Zapad-2021 Strategic-Operational exercise – part 6 (Zapad in IMINT)

As information about unit movements in support of ‘Zapad’ is scarce, we have launched an initiative, which seeks to present to the public an IMINT perspective on Russian and Belarusian preparations.

‘Zapad in IMINT’ will track and describe Russian and Belarusian movements, unit locations, and capabilities that these units possess.

We seek to facilitate discussions about Russian force structures, repositioning, force generation methods, and operational art. However, unfortunately, sometimes we obtain images that cannot be released to a wider audience. In such cases, we will provide a written description of what we see on images.

We also believe in collaborative efforts to track Russian and Belarusian troop movements. Therefore, if there is a location that you think is important from an IMINT point of view, or if you have come across any information about the abovementioned developments, please let us know and we will examine the issue closer.

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Please click here to download the second instalment of our ‘Zapad in IMINT’ series.

Konrad Muzyka