Ukraine Conflict Monitor – Introduction

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The Ukraine Conflict Monitor (UCM) provides updates on the ongoing war in Ukraine. We initially set up the UCM to fill a gap in high-quality OSINT reporting on Russian military preparations, movement of troops, the order of battle, and everything that pertained to preparations to attack Ukraine. Through our analyses, we predicted the Russian attack on Ukraine almost to the day.

Initially, the UCM was published five times a week. However, since the war started, we have strived to provide daily updates. Each UCM issue includes the description and analysis of the most important events in Ukraine and Belarus. Each analysis also contains a link to an interactive map showing frontlines, Russian and Ukrainian defensive and offensive lines, and the most important events (click here to access a sample).

For information, we rely on social media posts, IMINT, press reports, and our wide range of contributors and analysts closely monitoring the war.
I hope you will join us in this project. We are always open to any suggestions, so if you think there is something you would like us to cover or change, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:

A monthly fee to access the Monitor is USD24.59. We do not offer longer subscriptions as we do not know how long this war will last. It also gives you flexibility as to when to subscribe and when to drop the subscription. Please click here to register. 

If you wish to contact us please fill in the form, and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Tags: Analysis, News, Ukraine Conflict Monitor

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